World just as ours, although elusively surreal.
With an ethereal, omnipotent power floating just beyond the senses.

// DEMO IS LIVE ON STEAM AND ITCH.IO looking for a publisher


Branching dialogues with different outcomes and stories with multiple endings. Permanent choices.

100% handcrafted

All what your eyes will see is 100% handcrafted for GRUNND, we do not use 3rd party assets.


Fully voiced English version of the game. Hear the characters.


original soundtrack

Soundtrack written specifically for GRUNND. Listen it within game or wherever you like.


Latest from development journal. News, Announcements and Lore.

Download on itch_io: Play on Steam: GRUNND is a 100% handcrafted, fully voiced adventure game about traveling to a seemingly ordinary place right next to…

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It’s been a long way! But the Demo is ready. Also in Japanese! Give it a try and send us your thoughts!

While I never felt the need for a development blog, as it would eat up too much time [if one wants a good quality content], I do…

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WARNING This is a Playtest we had. Demo of the demo, if you will. It has bugs and placeholder animation. This little piece we used to test…

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